The Details

Typical Policy costs $12-$16 /mo

Property Owner is protected by a first $100,000 or $300,000 layer of coverage for resident-caused losses

Residents are protected with

Minimum $10,000 (max. of $95,000) amount of Contents Coverage

Residents are protected with minimum $100,000 or $300,000 for liability protection against covered damages they may cause to property and/or injury to others

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The Results

Improved Loss Runs

Potential Commercial Insurance Premium Savings

Lower Operating Expenses

Higher NOI

A Conscientious Residency is Formed

Significantly Reduced Tensions, Finger-Pointing and Complications between staff and residents during a loss

Take a look at how the Diamondhead Process Works…

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The Process

Office staff requires residents to provide Proof of Coverage

Your residents are Pre-Qualified for a policy with an "A" rated Insurance Carrier

Residents can enroll online or over the phone in less than 5 minutes

All policies are inputted into a Real-Time tracking system with Integration capabilities

Diamondhead provides oversight & on-going support to ensure maximum compliance